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Choosing the right niche on Instagram

Before you take your first steps onto the rocky road to Instagram fame, you first need to decide on a niche. What is you page going to be about? Who do you intend to target? What content do you need to upload? These a just a few of the questions you need to ask yourself before diving in head-first. The oceans of the internet are vast and home to near-limitless niche ideas and different audiences. With so many options, it is relatively simple to find a niche you possess a knowledge or a passion in, and it’s important to choose the right one. Here’s a few ideas to get your juices of inspiration flowing.


The fitness niche has its ups and downs. Being a very popular subject, you will find you will come up against a lot of heated, proficient competition, all poised and ready to keep you from the top spot. However, with this you will also find an endless stream of interested users and a colossal audience in which to pitch to. See what the big players in your niche are doing and try to upload content along the same lines. Exercise videos shot at the gym are always popular among the people of the fitness niche along with dietary advice and fitness regimes.


The animal niche is one I have chosen myself. I have an arachnid page and find the audience very close knit, a community in fact. This is ideal as when you begin to gain or buy Instagram followers  you become noticed a lot quicker. The other benefit to an animal niche is the shear electiveness of the broad topic. I do spiders because I have a vested interest in them but you will never find yourself at a loss when trying to think of an animal, there’s so many.


The ever-changing world of fashion makes for an extremely dynamic niche. Hot trends change by the day meaning you will always have something to post about. There’s many Instagram users in the fashion niche, admittedly, but there’s so many different sectors of the fashion hobby so you can search for a niche in a niche. Here’s a few ideas on what you could choose to do with your fashion niche:

• Grunge clothing
• Sports clothing
• Fashion shows
• Smart/casual clothing
• Unconventional fashion
• Footwear
• Accessories

The above is but a few ideas that I could think of from the top of my head. With a little more research and of course – that essential out-of-the-box thinking; you are sure to stumble across something innovative, something interesting and above all, something that will quickly grab the attention of your potential audience.


Travel is a widely used niche but again – one that has great diversity in terms of choice. You could aim your content at the younger market by posting content pertaining to party hotspots and things to do while there. On the other hand, the older market can be targeted by posting content relating to peaceful, luxury resorts and posting pictures of luxury food around the world.

As has now become clear, Instagram offers a wealth of opportunity to the internet marketer. It’s just about finding your own comfort zone and taking the proverbial bull by the horns.